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Happy GIF-entine's Day Challenge!


At MOUSE we don't celebrate Valentine's Day, we celebrate GIF-entine's Day: A day where you give GIFS to people in your life to show how much you appreciate them! Make a GIF for your MOUSE Squad Coordinator to show how much you value your Squad, or for your family to show them how great they are. GIF stands for Graphics Interchange Format, and a GIF is a series of still images looped together to create a mini video or animation.

Click here to get started!

Thanks for the First Game Jam of 2015!

On Friday, January 23rd, MOUSE lead a Scratch remixing table at the January Hive Moveable Game Jam! The event was hosted at The Museum of the Moving Image in Queens and featured activities from MOUSE and other Hive NYC organizations! This was the fourth of six Game Jams that MOUSE will be a part of over the course of the year.

We started the day by splitting into groups and inventing a simple game on the spot! Then we got to choose one of four stations to check out and try a game-making activity. The activities at this game jam were focused more on the art and design side of games than ever before!

At MOUSE's station, attendees hacked a simple Scratch game called Ghost Blast! where you play as a friendly ghost who has to dodge evil spirits. You can try this activity yourself! Just go to Mission #7: It's the Remix in our Serious Games Badge.

bedroom game.pnghand drawn game.png
legendary battling.pngwinter game.png

Attendees replaced the characters in the game with their own characters and even swapped the game background in some cases. Participants used images from Google image search and hand-drawn pictures scanned in with the computer's built in camera.

Everyone hacked Ghost Blast in different ways, creating incredible new mods of the game. The final games can be played right here, so check them out.

Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 2.03.37 PM.png

We weren't the only table at this Game Jam running awesome activities. Attendees also got to:

Students from Groundswell helped facilitate their activity! So cool!

Missed this Game Jam? Don't worry! The next Game Jam is coming up in March! Stay tuned to The Wire for more information!

Spring Team Training is February 7th!

Registration is closed!

Due to the coming winter storm the deadline to register for Team Training has been pushed back to Friday January 30th.

Registration is closed. Please confirm your registration

Spring Team Training will be held on February 7th, 2014 at the Hudson High School of Learning Technologies! In this full-day training for NYC MOUSE Squads, coordinators and Squad members engage in 4 hands-on workshops. This time we're offering our classic Hardware and Leadership workshops as well as our two newest workshops in Webmaker and Garage Robotics!

Want to know more? Check this out:


WHEN: Saturday, February 7th: 9 AM - 4:15 PM

WHERE: Hudson High School of Learning Technologies

351 W 18th St (at 9th Ave.)
New York, NY 10011

TO DO: Every student who attends should have handed in a permission form to their MOUSE Squad Coordinator.

Lunch, snacks, and two-fare Metrocards will be provided for all attendees.

More About Team Training:

Our MOUSE Squad Team Trainings start students and coordinators with the basics. Together, whole squads learn how systems work, how people work together effectively to overcome challenges, see projects through to completion, and innovate with creative solutions that capitalize on the passion and knowledge of the group. This Fall we debuted two NEW WORKSHOPS, Webmaker and Garage Robotics, so don't miss out!

At Team Training, Students will:

  • Practice key leadership skills through exciting team challenges!
  • Learn how the internet works and how to make on the web!
  • Gain the fundamental knowledge needed to identify, assemble, and replace key hardware, and learn how it works by first breaking it apart!
  • Play with circuits and build basic electronics!
  • Have fun!

team-training-grob_0.jpgteam training webmaker.jpg
team training hardware.jpgteam training leadership.jpg

Team Training is the best introduction to MOUSE Squad a student could hope for! We can't wait to see you there.

Registration is closed! Confirm your Team Training registration as soon as possible!

Please register by Friday, January 30th!
Note that all workshops are conducted in English, please let us know if your squads have language needs though we will not be able to provide translation.