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Come to PREmoti-Con on March 16 & Learn All about Emoti-Con!

Emoti-Con NYC is a digital media and technology fair, competition, and party for NYC middle school- and high school-aged youth. If you've ever wondered what it might be like for your MOUSE Squad to bring a project to Emoti-Con, then PREmoti-Con is the event for you!

Screen Shot 2015-01-30 at 9.26.58 PM.png

PREmoti-Con will be a meet-up and information session for educators and youth who may be interested in presenting a project at Emoti-Con this year.

At this meet-up, we will:

  • Share exciting information about this year's event!
  • Discuss how to get prepared to present your projects at Emoti-Con!
  • Answer all your questions!
  • Meet & greet with members of the Design Fellows, Emoti-Con's amazing teen team!
  • Mix & mingle with youth and adult makers from schools and youth organizations across NYC!

WHEN: Monday, March 16 from 4-5:30pm
WHERE: Urban Arts Partnership: 21 Howard Street #5, New York, NY
RSVP: MOUSE Squad Coordinators are welcome to come alone or to bring Squad Members. Either way, RSVP here.

About Emoti-Con:

The 7th annual Emoti-Con NYC Youth Digital Media & Technology Challenge will be held on Saturday, May 30 from 11-4:30 at the Bartos Forum (located in the Bryant Park NYPL).

At Emoti-Con, youth will: Network with peers and learn about other exciting informal learning opportunities across the city; present their projects, get inspired by others, and network with industry professionals; take part in fun design challenges; hear from amazing Emoti-Con Keynotes - professional game designers, makers and social entrepreneurs from all corners of the media and technology industry; participate in the Emoti-Con Challenge, which awards prizes in multiple categories including Most Innovative, Most Potential for Social Impact, Most Entertaining and Best Pitch; and have a chance to earn digital badges, and valuable feedback on their work!

You can learn more about Emoti-Con here, and read about how MOUSE Squads were involved in last year's Emoti-Con here.

March Microproject: Javascript Takeover!


Have you ever gone to a boring website and thought “I wish all the pictures on here were of something I love- like pizza! Or my favorite street art!” Well for this month’s microproject, you’re going to make that happen! All you need is Mozilla’s Thimble tool and some easy-to-learn code-hacking skills (which we’ll teach you) to make sure that when you browse the web, all you’ll see are pictures of bacon, or Adventure Time- or anything you want!

Click here to get started!

Congratulations GIF-entines Day Winners!


In the spirit of GIF-entines Day we asked you to create special GIFs to show your friends, family, teachers and classmates how much you care about them. We can't believe how many GIFs you created! We got hundreds of submissions this month from around the world! Thank you to everyone who tried creating a GIF. Whether it was your first GIF or your fourteenth, you made this one of the best MicroProject Competitions ever!

Our Grand Prize

Earning the MicroProject Winner Badge and a $60 gift card to Best Buy for their squad is lelabed from ACMSQUAD 2014-2015 in American Canyon, CA.

Lelabed made a GIF for her aunt who is battling cancer. Not only is her GIF well made, but her post is beautiful and truly conveys how much her aunt means to her. Lelabed used GIFmaker to combine real photographs with custom captions and images. Thanks for making such a thoughtful GIF, lelabed!

Congratulations lelabed and all of the ACMSQUAD members!

Check out lelabed's GIF!

Our First Runner Up

Our first runner up receiving a Papertronics Lunar Module for her squad is from 2015 CTDZ in China! It's awesome to get international MicroProject submissions! We love the design of this GIF. The layering is incredible and the design is so creative! Do you see the pizza inside the heart that's there for just a brief second? Way to go!

Check out's project!

Our Second Runner Up

Our second Runner Up (also receiving a Papertronics Lunar Module) is the entire BSMS2 MouseSquad from Badger Springs Middle School in Moreno Valley, California. They submitted so many awesome GIFs that we wanted to recognize the whole Squad! Here are some of their submissions:

JaredP created this GIF to honor his class:

KatherineS created this GIF to send her love to her aunt who moved away:

BrisaP created this GIF to say Happy Birthday to a friend! That's awesome!

JefferyR created this GIF for his family because when he needs someone they are always there for him:

Congratulations Badger Springs Middle School and the BSMS2 MouseSquad!

Honorable Mention

A special honorable mention goes to a GIF from CheyenneM from Ida B. Mouse Squad in San Francisco, CA. This GIF made us laugh so much we couldn't help but share it. This will make you smile:

Thanks CheyenneM. You really made our day!

Shout out for Wins!

It's not too late to give out Wins to your favorite MicroProject entries! Give wins for creativity, technical know-how or inspiration. Click here to check out all the school designs that were submitted! This month we'd like to shout out UlrichApril for giving an awesome Creativity win!

When you see someone make a cool MicroProject submission, let them know that they did a great job by giving them a win! Thanks for giving such a great win UlrichApril!

Thank you to Coordinators and students who participated and submitted so many awesome GIFs! This has been one of our biggest MicroProjects ever! We are looking forward to seeing many more of them in the future. Be sure to check out our new project: Javascript Takeover!.